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Pôle Voir et entendre

Retrouver ci-contre en téléchargement les visuels des panneaux du Pôle "Voir et entendre" et ci-dessous le film "Docteur Eyes" 2,44 mn et le fichier sonore "Docteur Ears" 4,25 mn.


Docteur Ears

Réalisation : Kalage prod, Biarritz

Crédits images du film Docteur Eyes

Eric Delgado. Estives, Hautes Pyrénées/« Handsome senior doctor reading a case history 104302706 Minerva Studio/ Portrait of doctor in ophthalmology clinic.  104185073 Tyler Olson/Optometrist changing settings in phoropter before an eye test 107270615 Tyler Olson/ Eagle eye 53677276  Meoita/ Owl portrait 21853048 Andrew Zarivny/ View inside human eye - showing retina, optic nerve and macula 10236838 Tim Mainiero/ x-ray human head skull 57377836 koya979/ Orange isolated on white background 124218097 Ian 2010/ Sharp-shinned hawk_ skull, brain endocast, _ inner ear based Witmerlab images Ohio/ Light rays through camera lens 9530104 YAKOBCHUK VASYL/ Classic SLR viewfinder, with free space for your pics, vector 111640664 Thomas Bethge/ Objectif Principal de 50mm 1016491 Marc Dietrich/ vector Camera lens isolated on white background 82355815 Vaclav Kostal/ newspaper glasses 60027619 fcsabi/ vision, optics, eyeball, visual system140529202 par Peter Hermes Furian/ Doctor doing an optical test 107721113 Minerva Studio/ Photo of a woman at the opticians having her eyesight tested 85605535 RTimages/ Hot Air Balloon Overflight Zion National Park 94318963 Joy Stein/ Happy New Year of rabbit isolated on a white background 59456599 Zhukov Oleg/ Starry sky with rainbow iris and pupil. 72800989 Itana/Photoreceptor cells in the retina of the eye. 116042563. Designua/ Oculist giving you a pair of glasses 86251180 Minerva Studio/ female asp viper (Vipera aspis francisciredi) 121717396 Matteo photos » from Shutterstock.